Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser 75367 | Review

The iconic Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser has gained immense popularity as a symbol of the Clone Wars, featuring prominently in animated series. This demand led to the creation of an Ultimate Collector Series model, 75367 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser.

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The model, inspired by this formidable warship, has garnered widespread acclaim and appears stunning in official images. Its remarkable size and exceptionally detailed exterior do justice to the impressive source material, making it a must-have for collectors.

Box and Contents

The box shape is nearly square, mirroring the packaging of sets like 75313 AT-AT and 75331 The Razor Crest. While the uniformity in design for 18+ sets is pleasing, a more intricate background would enhance its appeal. The box showcases the vessel from various angles and proudly displays the Galactic Republic emblem on the front

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Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

Upon opening the box, you’ll find two additional boxes, splitting the building process into two parts. These boxes are adorned with scenes from the Battle of Coruscant, which adds a nice touch. However, it’s worth noting that the chosen scenes are from Revenge of the Sith, rather than Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which some may find unusual. The first box includes 23 numbered bags and two instruction manuals, while the second box holds two more manuals and 25 bags

Additionally, there’s a sticker sheet included, which might disappoint some enthusiasts as these six designs could likely have been pre-printed. Four of these stickers are placed on 6×6 tiles, and these particular designs have been printed multiple times in the past. It does seem that another instance of printing could have been feasible in this case. Nevertheless, applying these stickers is a relatively straightforward process, and they aren’t overly numerous, which is a relief.

Minifigures | Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

It’s undoubtedly a delightful surprise to witness the return of Captain Rex, a character who last graced us with his presence in the Clone Wars series a decade ago. However, it’s worth pondering whether his inclusion here is warranted, considering his immense popularity and the likelihood of his availability in smaller sets in the near future. On the flip side, there’s a strong likelihood that this specific minifigure will remain exclusive to this set.

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The modern phase II helmet is a fitting choice for Captain Rex, complete with a connection point for his rangefinder and precise detailing. The iconic Jaig Eyes and tally marks are executed superbly, capturing the essence of the character. However, it’s worth noting that the ammunition pouch on the torso appears oversized, and the decision to print the kama instead of using a fabric piece may be seen as a letdown, as the latter option would have provided a more authentic look.

It’s possible that the choice to forego a fabric piece for the kama was made to maintain consistency with other Clone Trooper officers. However, some may have preferred a fabric piece to match the pauldron. On a positive note, the printed arms are notably well-done. Captain Rex also sports a new head design, complete with a plaster where his inhibitor chip was removed, adding depth to the character’s story. To complete the ensemble, the minifigure is appropriately armed with twin blaster pistols.

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Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

Admiral Yularen makes for a fitting companion to the Venator-class Star Destroyer, as he commands the Resolute, Anakin Skywalker’s flagship. The choice of a dark brown hair element complements Yularen’s appearance, and his double-sided head design, featuring an accurate mustache and expressions ranging from stern to worried, captures the essence of the character admirably.

lego attack cruiser minifigure - 2

Additionally, Admiral Yularen’s torso appropriately showcases the correct rank insignia and Republic uniform, distinguishing it from the Imperial counterpart. The inclusion of accurate gloves is a noteworthy detail, and his dual-molded legs that represent boots are a welcome addition. It’s worth considering that such features should potentially become standard for Republic and Imperial Officer minifigures, extending beyond the Ultimate Collector Series sets.

While Admiral Yularen doesn’t come with any accessories, which aligns with his role in the animated series, the addition of a hologram or printed datapad could have been a nice touch. For instance, a datapad featuring Admiral Trench’s emblem might have been a meaningful addition, given Yularen’s history with the Separatist commander.

The Completed Model | Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

Both minifigures can be showcased alongside the information plaque, a separate component from the stands that support the Jedi Cruiser. While this assembly might appear relatively simple, its black color matches the aesthetics of other Ultimate Collector Series models, and the inclusion of the printed plaque is a notable and appreciated detail, continuing the trend established with 75355 X-wing Starfighter released earlier this year.

Thankfully, there are no errors on the plaque, and the blue image of the Venator-class Star Destroyer is as striking as ever. Additionally, there’s an exclusive 1x4x3 brick included to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the Clone Wars era. A similar celebratory brick has been featured in sets inspired by Return of the Jedi this year. It’s a nice touch, and I hope to see such commemorative bricks become a standard inclusion for suitable anniversary sets in the future.

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The 75367 Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser boasts an impressive length of 108cm, almost rivaling the colossal 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer. The model’s sheer size is a marvel in itself, and this scale provided the designer, Hans Burkhard Schlömer, with the canvas to painstakingly recreate the onscreen vessel with impeccable accuracy. Moreover, the proportions of the Jedi Cruiser make it notably easier to display compared to its Imperial counterpart.

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The construction techniques employed in both sets exhibit a surprising level of diversity. While both Star Destroyers rely on a Technic core, this particular model utilizes a more compact design that closely mirrors the exterior. Additionally, the distribution of weight during the build process appears to be less pronounced here compared to the 75252 Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser Imperial Star Destroyer, with an initial emphasis on the rear section.

lego attack cruiser set - 2

Nevertheless, the external panels on this model remain recognizable, primarily linked together through small ball joints or Technic axles. They are strategically separated to distribute weight and offer a sense of durability, particularly when compared to the panels on the Imperial Star Destroyer, mainly because these panels are notably smaller. As a result, the ship exhibits greater overall stability than its predecessor, and its design results in reduced empty space inside the model.

lego attack cruiser set - 3

Interestingly, the nose section is the last part of the build to come together. The textural details are truly impressive, showcasing a remarkable level of attention to even the minutest aspects, including the use of a 1×1 slope to recreate the small armor ridge just in front of the dorsal hangar. Furthermore, the vertically-oriented 1×2 plates with bars faithfully capture the intricate details seen on the onscreen warship.

lego attack cruiser set - 4

Intricate detailing persists along both sides of the cruiser, as one would anticipate in a Star Destroyer of this scale. The complex exterior is crafted using an array of small elements, such as 1×2 ingots, 1×2 grille tiles, and roller skates. Remarkably, the designer meticulously follows the source material, placing longer bars precisely where visible conduits appear in the animated series, ensuring a faithful recreation.

lego attack cruiser set - 5

The forward hull prominently features a pair of medium dual turbolasers, a direct homage to the original Venator-class Star Destroyer. These turbolasers are flawlessly proportioned and faithfully replicate the shape, complete with precise bracing bars between the turbolaser barrels. However, it’s worth noting that these weapons are fixed in place, which, while unfortunate, could be considered a reasonable trade-off to enhance the overall level of detail.

lego attack cruiser set - 6

While the Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser is a formidable ship-of-the-line, one of its greatest assets is undoubtedly its substantial starfighter complement. These vessels are primarily stored in an expansive dorsal hangar bay, a feature that regrettably this model lacks. It would have been a delight to open the hangar doors and discover small V-19 Torrents or Y-wings within, but this would have posed structural challenges to the integral Technic frame.

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The dark red stripe that adorns the surface of the vessel is visually striking, even in the absence of the hangar beneath. Dark red ingots and assorted tiles effectively contribute to the texture, and the angled design seamlessly integrates with the adjacent hull. Additionally, the juxtaposition of studded and smooth surfaces adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

lego attack cruiser set - 8

Dark bluish grey sections are strategically incorporated into the hull’s design, serving to accentuate recessed panels and introduce 1×2 grille tiles for added texture. This design choice markedly differs from the 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer, which faithfully adhered to the studio model and relied on shadows to convey subtle details. The approach chosen here seems particularly fitting for the Venator-class Star Destroyer

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The iconic emblem of the Open Circle Fleet is a consistent feature on every Venator-class Star Destroyer as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, making it a logical inclusion here. While it could have been constructed with tiles, the use of stickers ensures absolute precision. However, as previously mentioned, having these 6×6 tiles printed would have been a more desirable option for many.

lego attack cruiser set - 10

I share a similar sentiment regarding the stickers situated in the central area, especially due to the discernible color contrast between the stickers and the adjacent light bluish grey parts. While the difference is less pronounced in person compared to photos under studio lighting, it can still be frustrating. Additionally, I believe that using wedge plates or tiles could have created the angled lines without the need for stickers, as these lines are a relatively minor detail on the actual vehicle.

lego attack cruiser set - 11

In contrast, the command tower stands out as one of the Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser Star Destroyer’s most striking features. The effective combination of light bluish grey and dark bluish grey pieces, along with the inclusion of trans-light blue elements to represent windows, is aesthetically pleasing. While some may argue that white windows would better align with the animated series, the choice of trans-light blue imparts a subtler and visually appealing quality.

lego attack cruiser set - 12

Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser are distinguished by their dual bridges, with the starboard bridge serving as the central command center and the port bridge overseeing starfighter operations. The inclusion of trans-light blue accents is visually striking, and the use of 2×2 round tiles with holes effectively replicates the hyperwave communications and scanner modules. Additionally, the dark red color of the bridges, denoting this vessel as a flagship, adds to its overall appeal.

lego attack cruiser set - 13

Each side of the command tower features four turbolaser turrets, with angular recesses surrounding each turret that faithfully replicate the original design. The use of 1×2 grille tiles effectively conveys the appearance of pipelines and mechanical elements. Notably, the varying sizes of these recesses, especially around the rearmost turret, seamlessly blend into the hull, demonstrating careful attention to detail.

lego attack cruiser set - 14

Every turbolaser turret is affixed to a 2×2 jumper plate, allowing them to rotate around the central stud beneath. The barrels can also be adjusted for different angles, although these assemblies tend to be delicate. Nevertheless, similar to the forward turbolasers, the decision to prioritize authenticity over sturdiness is a commendable trade-off.

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In contrast to the imposing Imperial Star Destroyer, the trench encircling the Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser widens at specific points. This expansion allows for greater detailing, particularly in the vicinity of the lateral hangars. The textured effect in this area is quite effective, although the inclusion of a couple of light bluish grey pieces amidst the predominantly dark bluish grey elements can appear somewhat out of place.

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The extra hangar bays situated on the sides of Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser Star Destroyers see limited use in the animated series, typically remaining sealed during battles. To recreate this, seven upside-down 1×3 jumper plates have been cleverly positioned inside the starboard hangar, forming a closed door. The juxtaposition of these jumper plates against the surrounding smooth tiles creates a visually pleasing contrast.

lego attack cruiser set - 17

As I previously noted, the Jedi Cruiser boasts an impressive starfighter capacity, which necessitates another closed hangar located on the underside of the ship. This design choice preserves the integrity of the internal Technic framework while still presenting an aesthetically pleasing exterior. The use of 1×2 grille tiles for texture is continued here, and the shape of the hangar bay faithfully replicates that of the onscreen warship.

lego attack cruiser set - 18

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Lego Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser Star Destroyers are depicted with eight engines, as opposed to the ten thrusters seen in Revenge of the Sith. The choice of pearl dark grey for these engines is fitting and provides a striking contrast with other sections of the model. Furthermore, the detailing across the engines, including the texture, is remarkably well-executed.

lego attack cruiser set - 18

The larger engines, despite incorporating drill elements and wheel hubs to reduce their weight, are relatively heavy. Consequently, there is a concern about potential sagging. However, the innermost engines have been cleverly secured to the hyperdrive housing in the center, providing support at two points. While there may be a gradual drooping effect in the outer engines, they too rest against hull panels beneath, which helps mitigate this issue.

lego attack cruiser set - 19

image credit: LEGO

While there are areas where sticker usage could have been avoided, and there’s room for improvement in the Captain Rex minifigure, these issues are somewhat eclipsed by the numerous commendable qualities of the vehicle. The price tag of £559.99, $649.99, or €649.99 may appear relatively high, but it’s important to acknowledge the immense scale of this vessel. Finally, the Clone Wars era is receiving the recognition it deserves with the introduction of this flagship model.

Why Should I Buy
Product Information
  • Impressive Scale: The Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser is a massive LEGO set that offers a rewarding building experience and an imposing display piece.
  • Highly Detailed: This LEGO set is meticulously designed to capture the intricate details of the iconic Star Wars ship, making it a must-have for fans and collectors.
  • Iconic Star Wars Ship: It’s a chance to own a faithful recreation of a beloved Star Wars vehicle featured prominently in the Clone Wars series.
  • Exclusive Minifigures: The set includes exclusive minifigures like Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen, making it a unique addition to your LEGO Star Wars collection.
  • Play and Display:While it makes an impressive display model, it’s also designed for play, with features like rotating turbolaser turrets and opening command bridges.
  • Building Challenge: With over 5,374 pieces, building this set is a satisfying and enjoyable challenge for LEGO enthusiasts.
  • Starfighter Capacity: The set accurately represents the Republic Attack Cruiser’s starfighter capacity, making it a great addition for fans of Star Wars space battles.
  • Collector’s Item: As part of the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series (UCS), it’s a collectible item that retains or increases in value over time.
  • Great Gift: It’s an ideal gift for Star Wars fans of all ages, whether they’re into LEGO building or simply appreciate Star Wars memorabilia.
  • Part of Star Wars Lore: Owning this set allows you to immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe and recreate iconic moments from the Clone Wars.

These factors collectively make the LEGO Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser a compelling choice for both LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts.

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Brand LEGO
Manufacturer recommended age 18+
Item 75367
Insiders Points 4225
Minifigures 2
Product Dimensions H: 13″ (32cm), W: 22″ (54cm), D: 43″ (109cm)
Manufacturer LEGO


What is the LEGO Venator class Republic Attack Cruiser?

The LEGO Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser is a highly detailed LEGO set that allows you to build a replica of the iconic starship from the Star Wars universe.

How many pieces are included in this LEGO set?

This set includes over 4,800 LEGO pieces, providing a challenging and rewarding building experience.

What scale is this LEGO model?

The LEGO Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser is built to a scale of approximately 1:2200, making it an impressive and accurate representation.

Does this set come with exclusive minifigures?

Yes, it includes exclusive minifigures such as Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen, which are not available in other LEGO sets.

Is this set designed for play or display?

This LEGO set is designed for both play and display. It features moving parts like rotating turbolaser turrets and opening command bridges.

What age group is this set suitable for?

This set is recommended for LEGO builders aged 16 and above due to its complexity and the number of pieces involved.

Is it compatible with other LEGO sets?

Yes, this set is part of the LEGO Star Wars collection and can be integrated with other Star Wars-themed LEGO sets for extended play or display options.

Does it come with building instructions?

Yes, detailed building instructions are included to guide you through the construction process.

What is the size of the completed model?

The completed LEGO Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser measures approximately 68cm (27 inches) in length.

Is this set part of the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series (UCS)?

Yes, it is part of the Ultimate Collector’s Series, making it a collectible item for LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts.

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