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LEGO enthusiasts and insect lovers alike have reason to celebrate with the release of the highly anticipated LEGO Insect Collection 21342. This stunning set showcases the incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail that LEGO is known for, while highlighting some of the most fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at this remarkable set, exploring its features, design, and the inspiration behind it.

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The Perfect Blend of Creativity and Science

LEGO Ideas continues to amaze with its ability to bring unique building experiences to life. LEGO Insect Collection 21342 is no exception, offering a delightful combination of creature-building and botanical elements. Priced at an accessible $79.99, this set provides incredible value for the level of detail and intricacy it offers.

Designed for LEGO fans and insect enthusiasts, this set promises an amazingly fun build experience and a superb display presence. Whether you’re a seasoned LEGO builder or a nature lover, the LEGO Insect Collection is sure to captivate your imagination.

LEGO Insect Collection Details and Release Date

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The Insect Collection 21342 consists of 1,111 pieces, carefully selected to recreate the beauty and essence of each insect featured in the set. Designed by Jordan Scott, LEGO Ideas Design Manager, and Kirsten Bay Nielsen, LEGO Ideas Graphic Designer, this set showcases their passion for insects and their dedication to creating an authentic building experience.

The set is scheduled to be released on September 4, 2023, exclusively on for LEGO Insiders. It will be available for general release on September 7, 2023. The set’s packaging is thoughtfully designed, with a stunning box featuring a captivating image of the Insect Collection.

Unboxing and Instruction Manuals

Opening the box reveals four instruction booklets, each corresponding to one of the insects featured in the set. This unique approach allows builders to split up the build and share it with others. Notably, the set does not include any stickers, a trend seen in sets designed for adult builders.

The booklet featuring all three insects includes detailed information on the creatures, profiles of the set designers, and a feature on the fan designer, hachiroku24. hachiroku24 is a prolific MOC builder and YouTuber, known for their original Insects LEGO Ideas submission.

Building the Insect Collection

The building process begins with constructing small diorama bases for each insect. These bases feature organic elements like foliage, dirt patches, and branches, providing a natural habitat for the creatures to rest on. Fans of LEGO’s Botanical Collection will find these bases familiar and enjoyable to build.

Each insect is meticulously designed to capture its unique characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at each of the three insects featured in the Insect Collection:

Blue Morpho Butterfly (Morpho Peleides)

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The Blue Morpho Butterfly is a stunning iridescent blue butterfly native to Central and South America. The LEGO rendition of this beautiful creature is a true standout in the set. The composition of the diorama, with the butterfly proudly displaying its wings and a blooming flower, is both eye-catching and harmonious. The use of green leaf elements adds a touch of realism and is reminiscent of LEGO’s Botanical Collection.

Chinese Mantis (Tenodera Sinensis)

The Chinese Mantis is a fascinating insect known for its ability to stay perfectly still and strike with its serrated forelegs. This build perfectly captures the distinctive features of the mantis and even allows for articulation, enabling builders to pose it in various positions. The lime green ghostly sword blades cleverly mimic the mantis’ serrated legs, and the printed round ball elements represent the mantis’ compound eyes.

Hercules Beetle (Dynastes Hercules)

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The Hercules Beetle is an iconic beetle known for its magnificent horn and impressive size. The LEGO rendition of this creature is truly remarkable. The build incorporates a clever use of common LEGO elements to create a lifelike representation of the beetle. The elytra, the hard case that protects the beetle’s hind wings, can be opened, revealing its segmented abdomen. Additionally, wings can be attached to the beetle for an alternate configuration.

A Journey Through Insect Life Cycles

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One of the most remarkable aspects of the Insect Collection 21342 is the inclusion of various life stages for each insect. The build takes builders on a journey through the different life cycles, including the larval and pupal stages. The attention to detail in recreating these stages adds an educational element to the set, further enhancing its value.

Additional Features and Easter Eggs

The Insect Collection 21342 is filled with delightful surprises and additional features. The set includes various insects and creatures that complement the main builds, such as ladybugs and beetle larvae. These small additions add a touch of realism and provide opportunities for imaginative storytelling.

The instruction booklets also feature wireframe blueprints and scientific names of the insects, offering a glimpse into the design process and adding educational value to the set.

Conclusion: A Must-Have Set for LEGO Enthusiasts and Nature Lovers

The LEGO Insect Collection 21342 is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of LEGO designers. It offers an immersive building experience, combining the beauty of nature with the artistry of LEGO. Whether you’re a fan of LEGO, insects, or both, this set is a must-have addition to any collection.

With its remarkable attention to detail, unique building techniques, and educational value, the Insect Collection provides endless opportunities for play, display, and exploration. Get ready to embark on a journey through the fascinating world of insects with this extraordinary LEGO set.

Why Should I Buy
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  • Buggy Adventures: Take a buzzing journey through the world of insects, right in your living room!
  • Bug-tastic Learning: Learn about insects while having a blast building and playing.
  • Insect Safari:Explore the fascinating world of bugs without leaving your home.
  • Buzzworthy Decor: These insect models are not just toys; they’re stunning conversation starters for your shelves.
  • STEM in Style:Boost your STEM skills with these cool, critter-filled LEGO sets.
  • Unique Collectibles: Add some “bugspiration” to your LEGO collection with rare and captivating sets.
  • Miniature Marvels: Create lifelike, mini masterpieces of your favorite insects.
  • Garden of Imagination:Turn your imagination into a colorful, insect-filled garden of fun.
  • Creepy Crawly Creations: Craft intricate insects that won’t give you the heebie-jeebies.
  • For All Ages:Whether you’re a young entomologist or a seasoned LEGO enthusiast, there’s bug love for all!

These playful and catchy points highlight the unique appeal of the “LEGO Insect Collection” and its potential to offer both fun and educational experiences.

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Brand LEGO
Manufacturer recommended age 18 years and up
Item model number 21342
Insiders Points 520
Pieces 1111
Item Weight 2.33 pounds
Product Dimensions 15.04 x 10.31 x 2.78 inches
Manufacturer LEGO

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What’s special about the LEGO Insect Collection?

It combines the fascination of insects with the creativity of LEGO, offering a unique learning and building experience.

Is it educational?

Yes, it’s a fantastic tool for STEM education, teaching kids about entomology, biology, and engineering.

Are the insect models accurate?

Absolutely! They’re meticulously designed to resemble real insects, promoting authenticity in play and display.

Are the pieces high-quality?

Yes, LEGO is known for its durability, ensuring these insect creations last for generations.

Can I use it for decoration?

Definitely! Once assembled, these insect models make unique and eye-catching decor pieces.

Is it a good gift option?

Absolutely, it’s a thoughtful gift for nature enthusiasts, LEGO fans, and anyone who loves a creative challenge.

Will it inspire outdoor exploration?

Yes, it might encourage kids to explore nature and discover real insects in their environment.

Can I collect all the insects in the series?

Yes, there’s a range of insects available, making it a thrilling collection for enthusiasts.

Are there any additional resources or guides for learning about insects?

LEGO often provides informative booklets, and there are online resources to further enhance your entomological knowledge.

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