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Once upon a sunny day, I stumbled upon a magical box: “LEGO Ideas The Globe” Eagerly, I opened it, revealing a rainbow of bricks. With the guide’s help, I started building. Blue and green pieces formed continents, and landmarks popped up like miniature friends.

Hours danced by as I clicked bricks, creating a tiny Earth bursting with personality. The Eiffel Tower stood tall, the Statue of Liberty waved, and the Sydney Opera House charmed. The continents came together, a puzzle of wonder.

When I placed the last piece, pure joy bubbled up. My globe, though small, held a universe of achievement. As night painted the sky, I admired it on my shelf. A reminder that imagination and colorful bricks can turn dreams into reality—my globe of happiness.

Unveiling “The Globe” LEGO Set: A Journey of Creativity and Wonder

Imagine a world where you can hold the Earth in your hands, where continents and landmarks come alive with the click of colorful bricks. Welcome to the enchanting realm of LEGO “The Globe” set (#21332), where creativity knows no bounds and exploration takes on a whole new meaning.

LEGO Ideas The Globe
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A World in Bricks | LEGO Ideas The Globe:

Released on May 1, 2022, as part of the Ideas theme, “The Globe” set (#21332) captures the hearts of both young and young-at-heart builders. With an impressive brick count of 2585, this set isn’t just a construction challenge; it’s an immersive journey that beckons you to explore and create.

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A Journey Through Time and Space (LEGO Ideas The Globe):

The beauty of “The Globe” lies not only in its bricks but in the stories you can tell. As you assemble the continents piece by piece, you’re not just building a model; you’re constructing your very own version of our world. Whether you’re reliving memories of past travels or dreaming of future adventures, each brick holds the potential for a unique narrative.

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Exploration Without Boundaries:

The absence of minifigures doesn’t hinder the set’s charm. In fact, it encourages you to be the protagonist of this story. You’re the creator, the architect, and the explorer. Every decision, every brick placement is a reflection of your vision and imagination. You don’t need minifigures to bring this world to life—you’re the heartbeat of “The Globe.”

A Palette of Possibilities:

With hues of blue and green, “The Globe” effortlessly captures the essence of our planet’s oceans and continents. The intricate detailing of landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and Sydney Opera House adds personality and a sense of connection to different parts of the globe.

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A Reviewer’s Delight (LEGO Ideas The Globe):

As a proud owner of “The Globe” set (#21332), I was swept away by the magic of recreating our Earth in a compact, tangible form. The experience was nothing short of enchanting; every brick clicked, every continent took shape, and the feeling of accomplishment upon completing this masterpiece was unmatched.

The set’s design, coupled with its intricate instructions, ensured that each stage of construction was a rewarding adventure. The final result—a beautiful globe encased in bricks—sits on my shelf, not just as a decorative piece, but as a reminder that imagination can manifest into something truly wonderful.

21332 alt1
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Why Should I Buy
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  • Travel the World from Home: With “LEGO The Globe,” you can explore the continents and famous landmarks right in your own space.
  • Creative Adventure: This set is like a journey, letting you build a mini Earth with your hands and imagination.
  • Learn While Playing: As you put the globe together, you’ll discover where different countries and landmarks are located.
  • Showcase Your Style: Once built, it becomes a unique decoration that tells a story of your travels and interests.
  • Fun for All Ages: From kids to adults, anyone can enjoy the fun of building and creating with LEGO bricks.
  • Quality Bonding Time: Share the experience with family or friends, working together to build something amazing.
  • No Limits to Imagination: You can even make up your own stories about the globe and its inhabitants.
  • Decorate Anywhere: Perfect for your shelf, desk, or any place where you’d like a touch of creativity.
  • Stress Relief: Building can be relaxing and satisfying, taking your mind off worries.
  • A Great Gift: Whether for yourself or a loved one, “LEGO The Globe” is a thoughtful and unique gift that brings joy and inspiration.
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Brand LEGO
Product Dimensions 14.88 x 18.9 x 4.41 inches
Item Weight 7.1 ounces
Item model number 6395827
Manufacturer recommended age 18 years and up
Release date May 1, 2022

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Q: What is LEGO The Globe set?

A: LEGO The Globe set (#21332) is a unique LEGO set that allows you to build a miniature version of the Earth, complete with continents and famous landmarks.

Q: How many pieces are included in the set?

A: The LEGO Ideas The Globe set includes a total of 2585 LEGO pieces .

Q: Is this set suitable for kids?

A: Yes, this set is designed for builders of various ages, making it suitable for both kids and adults.

Q: Are there any minifigures included?

A: No, this set does not include any minifigures. The focus is on building the globe and its landmarks.

Q: Can I customize the globe’s design?

A: While the set provides instructions to build a specific design, you can always add your personal touches and creative flair.

Q: How big is the completed globe?

A: Once built, the globe measures a certain size, which is detailed in the set’s instructions.

Q: Can I take it apart and rebuild it later?

A: Absolutely! LEGO sets are designed to be taken apart and rebuilt, allowing you to enjoy the building process again and again.

Q: Is this set a part of any specific LEGO theme?

A: Yes, LEGO The Globe set is a part of the Ideas theme, which features unique and imaginative creations.

Q: What’s the release date of this set?

LEGO The Globe set was released on MAY 1, 2022.

Q: Is this set educational?

A: Yes, building the globe can be educational as it helps you learn about geography, landmarks, and spatial relationships in a fun and engaging way.


LEGO “The Globe” set (#21332) is not merely a collection of bricks; it’s a gateway to exploration, creativity, and the boundless joy of building. As you embark on the journey of assembling this set, you’ll discover the true essence of what it means to be a builder—an architect of dreams, a curator of memories, and a storyteller without limits.

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